Colour Your Creativity .........

"Abstract Owl" and "Abstract Owl Doubled" are yours to own. Just click on the images below and download to print. Go grab yourself some markers, coloured pencils, crayons or watercolours and have fun filling the pages with colour.

You can add them to your art journals, make them into cards, frame them as artworks or use them in craft activities but please remember they are for personal use only.

Download by clicking on the below images....

"Abstract Owl" 2015

"Abstract Owl" 2015

"Double Abstract Owl" 2015

"Double Abstract Owl" 2015

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Remember to share with others and enjoy!!!!

Rebecca xo

Week 22 ~ Free Colouring In Pages

For the last few years many people have commented on how awesome it would be to colour in one of my designs. So, after months and months of drawing, I am happy to share that today I am launching the first two official colouring pages! These pages are the beginning of a series of collections and I am releasing them today for FREE to say thanks for everybody's support.

"Abstract Owl" and "Abstract Owl Doubled" are yours to own. Just subscribe to my blog or connect with me through email at and I will send you both PDF's that you can print out as many times as you like. They are for personal use only and are A4 in size. 

 What happens when you take an artwork and then decide to break it down into a colouring in image? I superimposed the idea to show you my process.

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Rebecca xoxox