"Notes to Bennett - Are we there yet?"

My current body of work incorporates a more postmodern approach combining my travels to Central Australia and rewriting history in a political and social context.

Below I have provided a variety of photos to showcase the artistic process as well as a short video. I hope you enjoy.

Rebecca xoxo

"Notes to Bennett - Are we there yet?"  - 2015


Week 26. The Creation of "Wonderland"

I love showing the process images behind the final piece. These images showcase the intuitive act of creating and how it all came together in the end. Painting this way can open your mind to different possibilities and connect with the inner you.

"Through the playful and spontaneous acts of pouring, drawing, mark making, experimenting and manipulating paint and mediums, these processes help createwindows which can be perceived as gateways to the subconscious mind and intuitive philosophies".


Wonderland 2014

Week 23 ~ From Intuition to Completion

No matter how deep a study you make. What you really have to rely on is your own intuition and when it comes down to it, you really don't know what's going to happen until you do it.

- Konosuke Matsushita

"Abstract Owl No/2"  Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas  2015

"Abstract Owl No/2"

Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas


All art is intuitive to some degree. At the opposite end of the spectrum it can be purely technical. Most artists sit somewhere in the middle. I am about 60/40 in favor of intuition. I love the idea of letting my mind relax and play with materials. However, at the end the technical side comes in and I lose all intuitive processes and work towards resolvement and refinement.

I thought that I would document this process for an artwork "Abstract Owl No/2".