Week 25 ~ New Inspiration + New Technology = ADDICITION

For the past few weeks I've not painted because i have been moving studios and even though I have been itching to throw some colours around, I've found a secret love. My IPad!!!!! I'm completely head-over-heels in love with my Ipad Mini.

I believe in always learning and discovering new ideas. With that in mind I found that Adobe now have apps for designing on the go. Heaven !!!! Its changing the way I see art as a computer graphic. Adobe Brush, Sketch and Draw are opening my creative juices to experiment more and play with colour and design.

I've been on the IPad everyday as a standard way to start the creative juices. This work below is called "Broken Blue". I think I am a little addicted.......

Cannot wait to create a small collection. Keep your eyes peeled. 

Rebecca   xoxo