Week 19 ~ Free Art Class with Colour In Your Life

Today I thought I would share my free art class as part of the series "Colour In Your Life".

I demonstrate how I create my Art and then use it in my fashion designs.

'Society, conformity, the quest for perfection and beauty are the foundations of my art making practice. These ideas have a direct relevance to my life and provide a reflection of the world around me. In my works, colour can be seen as the symbol of vibration, an intense experience which expands the mind and creates possibilities. I believe that when colour is interpreted in its purest state and is seen as vivid and dramatic, a new creation can be made. As an artist, designer and mother, I am interested in fusing colour, various materials and my ideas together to create an extraordinary world for the viewer to explore. As I continue to develop in my practice, my work continues to draw imagery from the human form, life and experience.'