Week 28 - "Notes to Basquait - Landscape"

Today at the 18th Annual Liverpool Art Society Exhibition at Casula Powerhouse i was again blessed to win the overall winner prize. An Acquisitive Prize that is now part of the Amazing Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre as well as Liverpool City Council's Art Collection. I am continually  humbled by the continued support of my family and friends. This work was extremely different to my normal style however highly emotive and reflective from my trip to Uluru. 

This year’s judge of LAS, Lorna Grear, very kindly provided us with her judging criteria: The second paragraph talks about my work.

“The works I responded to all displayed an unusual style, an unusual use of material or an interesting concept / narrative. The outstanding works combined more than one of the above. In a work I tend to gravitate towards the simplified, larger areas of colour and contemporary visual languages as I feel these forms and ideas need larger audiences. Most times it is a feeling in the work which attracts me.
I chose the over-all winner because I intuitively and naturally felt compelled towards the work. I enjoyed the experimental nature of the work; the use of colour, the pastiche of street art with Australian references and the social, spiritual message made me more interested in the work".

"Landscape - Notes to Basquiat" 2015

Judges Comments:

"The work stands out as a contemporary piece, full of expression and emotion. The poignant symbols of Aboriginal Australia, Uluru with pattern and colour make this image a feature painting. There is detail too in the painting with transparencies, small dots, washes and text used all in one image. Well Done!!!"