Week Four - Creating My First Collection......

Patterns are all around us and the more you pay attention to them, the more you will notice them everywhere. With patterns and creating motifs, the research behind the ideas is an important step in my creative journey.

Whether using pinterest, photography, or taking your own visual notes, I find it extremely valuable to collect and record what appeals to me, to later use as artistic inspiration. Personally,  I always have my sketch book with me and when I become obsessed with a particular image or motif I love to explore its appeal in quick sketches and detailed drawings so I can later come back and further explore its potential. The beginnings of this collection I am currently working on are based on flowers and cells, particularly the two images shown below. 

From these images I have researched and created a number of drawings and sketches which symbolise my style. Below is a sample of my art journal.

From these ideas I have created two patterns......

"Cellular Flower" 2015
"Beneath the Surface" 2015