Week Three - Collage of Flowers

I love everything about collage and mixed media. I love filling backgrounds with washes of inks, cut up papers, stencilling and drawings. Having this technique as a beginning surface layer allows creativity to bloom as mistakes are part of the process and can become an interesting trait of the work in the final layers. No fear or expectations are in these initial layers. I usually begin with a mixture of warm and cool colours for balance and add whites and darks for contrast later.
 Add spray paint and collage sheets for design and balance.
I love to draw over the layers to add my personal touch and to begin to consider composition.

A waterproof Sharpie or Art liner in different sizes can add these effects.

 Layers of watercolour and inks are layered to build up further layers and change colour scheme.
Past layers become evident through texture and design.

 Considering design and adding more layers.....

Have fun and experiment.......

 "Still Life with Vase"
  "Still Life with Vase II"