Over the past month I have been blessed with being a part of the “Colour In Your Life” team.  At the end of September, I was asked by Graeme Stevenson to join his team to be part of Sydney Art Expo at the Hordern Pavilion.

For those unaware of “Colour In Your Life”. It is a web site  and television show that is run by Artists for the purpose of building a Library of the minds of Artists and enabling investors, educators, students, teachers and people all over the world to have access to the enormous creative energy that is part of the minds of right-brained people.

From the Expo, I was then asked to be part of the amazing television show that is not only aired in Australia, but China, New Zealand and next year England. It was an opportunity to show the world what I love to do and demonstrate techniques to help others. 

Not only has the ‘Colour in your Life’’ TV show opened a doorway to getting my art shown to a Nationwide audience, the CIYL Website has helped me network and share opportunities to grow my arts business much quicker than I could have imagined.

For more information go to

To view my episode. Click on the link below.

 Graeme Stevenson and myself on set.

 The work i completed on the show.
"Delightful Awakenings"
150cm x 150cm
Mixed Media on Canvas.

 Close up

Close Up