Getting Back Into The Swing of Things

My Messy Artroom

No Room To Move

Need To Stop Buying Supplies

"Tribal Possession"

"Tribal Possession" Extention Work
I think i am back..... Back to a creative being having experienced the most amazing beginning adventure as a mother. My bubba boy is only eight weeks old but is already sleeping through the night. He MUST take after me, I love my sleep. So due to having more sleep and a wonderful little boy who really never cries except for food and changing of bottom i have been able to slowly, i mean slowly start to paint again.

I have had a commission work to complete for the past four months but having been extremely sick during my pregnancy i was unable to complete it so i started it three days ago.

As you can see from my photos the commission is an extension of "Tribal Possessions". The buyer needed an extra 2 metres to complete his wall. I will continue to post the progress. I have also posted images of my art room. You can see the mess created during my hibernation away from painting compared to the photos shared last year. One thing at a time though. Can easily shut the door!

Hope all are well, till next time....

Rebecca xoxoxoxoxoxox