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My Baby Gizzy

"Masked Inside"

"Blue Who"

Size Difference

"The Eyes Of Things Unsaid"

It's been a slack arse attempt to keep my blog up to date over the past month. Not only did my computer crash, i lost most my images and then lost the photo edit cd. As you can see from my photos there not great but i am still searching for my photoshop cd.

Seen ive last blogged i have returned to Melbourne to see the John Brack Exhibition. Can I say to any body going to Melbourne, it's a must see. Truly inspirational and just an amazing body of work.

Now back to my images. What you see is the final works completed and framed. When i can take better photos i will show the close up work. Its really funny how size is playing a major factor in this series development. The large work is called " The Eyes of Things Unsaid" . The second and third two small works are "Blue Who" and "Masked Inside".

The main development of ideas behind these works are masked beauty and how we suffer to obtain the desirable look of perfection. The mask idea refers to the cover up of the true identity.

As my solo show is less then six months away, full time work and full time painting are taking its toll. I do wish to again thank my fellow bloggers who have checked up on me over my missing months.

Cheers to next time Rebecca xoxoxoxoxo