Resolving works .......

Sometimes its necessary to rework artworks to truly resolve them.  

Moving Pictures....

I love playing on my iPad with the new Adobe apps. Here I have taken a drawing I completed on the iPad and turned it into a small animation. Hope you enjoy xoxoxox


Colour Your Creativity .........

"Abstract Owl" and "Abstract Owl Doubled" are yours to own. Just click on the images below and download to print. Go grab yourself some markers, coloured pencils, crayons or watercolours and have fun filling the pages with colour.

You can add them to your art journals, make them into cards, frame them as artworks or use them in craft activities but please remember they are for personal use only.

Download by clicking on the below images....

"Abstract Owl" 2015

"Abstract Owl" 2015

"Double Abstract Owl" 2015

"Double Abstract Owl" 2015

Rathenart Designs and all its materials are registered, copyrighted and protected under the Australian and International copyright law act. This means that they can not be manufactured, distributed, altered, edited, copied, sold, shared or used for profit commercially in any way without my written permission. 

Remember to share with others and enjoy!!!!

Rebecca xo

"Notes to Bennett - Are we there yet?"

My current body of work incorporates a more postmodern approach combining my travels to Central Australia and rewriting history in a political and social context.

Below I have provided a variety of photos to showcase the artistic process as well as a short video. I hope you enjoy.

Rebecca xoxo

"Notes to Bennett - Are we there yet?"  - 2015


Week 28 - "Notes to Basquait - Landscape"

Today at the 18th Annual Liverpool Art Society Exhibition at Casula Powerhouse i was again blessed to win the overall winner prize. An Acquisitive Prize that is now part of the Amazing Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre as well as Liverpool City Council's Art Collection. I am continually  humbled by the continued support of my family and friends. This work was extremely different to my normal style however highly emotive and reflective from my trip to Uluru. 

This year’s judge of LAS, Lorna Grear, very kindly provided us with her judging criteria: The second paragraph talks about my work.

“The works I responded to all displayed an unusual style, an unusual use of material or an interesting concept / narrative. The outstanding works combined more than one of the above. In a work I tend to gravitate towards the simplified, larger areas of colour and contemporary visual languages as I feel these forms and ideas need larger audiences. Most times it is a feeling in the work which attracts me.
I chose the over-all winner because I intuitively and naturally felt compelled towards the work. I enjoyed the experimental nature of the work; the use of colour, the pastiche of street art with Australian references and the social, spiritual message made me more interested in the work".

"Landscape - Notes to Basquiat" 2015

Judges Comments:

"The work stands out as a contemporary piece, full of expression and emotion. The poignant symbols of Aboriginal Australia, Uluru with pattern and colour make this image a feature painting. There is detail too in the painting with transparencies, small dots, washes and text used all in one image. Well Done!!!"


Week 27 - Patterns all around......

This week I thought I would showcase some of my patterns that I have created over the past six months. My love of surface pattern is evident in my art and paintings but to be able to take these ideas and turn them into straight repeats and 1/2 drops is quite exciting. It is also quite exciting seeing your personal growth and development over this time. I love how I have moved into using an iPad for drawing and creating and expanding my way of creating motifs. Hope you enjoy. xoxox

Learning Straight Repeats.

Learning Straight Repeats.

My First Collection....


A sample of my experimental work in pattern design.


Inspire away xoxo

Gifting Young Artists Inspiration.

When I received this message a few day ago I was totally overcome with both excitement and pure joy that my work inspired such young and enthusiastic artists.

The message read ... " Rebecca, I just adore your beautiful artworks. When we were advised at our school that our art focus for the term was mixed media, I did not have to think twice about who I was going to introduce my class to. My class of 5 and 6 year olds thoroughly enjoyed creating work inspired by yours. I was so proud of their efforts I just had to share with you".

The Body of Work based on the children's work was my "Cellular" artworks. These works have a personal story connected to me and examine cellular structures under the microscope. Below are a selection of my works and the students work. I am again so impressed and totally flattered to be these budding artists inspiration.

Week 26. The Creation of "Wonderland"

I love showing the process images behind the final piece. These images showcase the intuitive act of creating and how it all came together in the end. Painting this way can open your mind to different possibilities and connect with the inner you.

"Through the playful and spontaneous acts of pouring, drawing, mark making, experimenting and manipulating paint and mediums, these processes help createwindows which can be perceived as gateways to the subconscious mind and intuitive philosophies".


Wonderland 2014

Art Edit Q&A October 2014

Rebecca Brady  Artist  Q&A

self portrait small.jpg


How would you describe what you do to someone who hasn’t seen your art?

I am an artist who loves to explore and experiment with art materials in relation to the intuitive act of creating. My artwork is a detailed and complex hub of fusing colour in multi layers. It’s a creative and visual playground of exploration and experimentation that manifests itself into an expressionistic form, idea, motif or landscape. The act of painting as well as the interaction and communication between the conscious and subconscious plays a pivotal and recurrent developmental practice in my work in reference to what inspires me in the everyday world and who I am.

How long have you been practising art and did you attend art school?

I completed my Bachelor of Visual Arts in 1998 and have been activity creating and exhibiting my work since these time both nationally and internationally. I also completed my Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education in 1999 and have been teaching Visual Arts to High School students for the past 16 years.

What is your studio like?

My studio is a treasure trove of collected visual resources, prints, drawings and magazines. I have a hanging space and beautiful chair that I sit in and create.  This includes my son’s beautiful drawings and paintings from Preschool that I hang from walls and notice boards.

What materials do you use?

I am a mixed media artist. I use everything from oil crayons and charcoal to spray paint, oils, acrylics and inks. Each material is unique in its application and creates windows as gateways for new exploration.

What is your process?

From an intuitive approach, my art making is created in layers through the playful and spontaneous act of pouring, drawing, mark making, experimenting and manipulating paint and mediums. Using preliminary sketches and research documentation, I create a relationship between the conscious and subconscious.

What themes can be found in your work? / Subject matter?

The everyday world, my relationships and who I am inspires my art making practice. From science and microscopic imagery to landscapes, animals and people; my work is emotive and artistically reflects my imagination and mind.

Where can we find your work?

Contact Rebecca at or 0421289904

Week 25 ~ New Inspiration + New Technology = ADDICITION

For the past few weeks I've not painted because i have been moving studios and even though I have been itching to throw some colours around, I've found a secret love. My IPad!!!!! I'm completely head-over-heels in love with my Ipad Mini.

I believe in always learning and discovering new ideas. With that in mind I found that Adobe now have apps for designing on the go. Heaven !!!! Its changing the way I see art as a computer graphic. Adobe Brush, Sketch and Draw are opening my creative juices to experiment more and play with colour and design.

I've been on the IPad everyday as a standard way to start the creative juices. This work below is called "Broken Blue". I think I am a little addicted.......

Cannot wait to create a small collection. Keep your eyes peeled. 

Rebecca   xoxo

Art Studio ~ A New Adventure............

It's been a few months in the making but its finally complete!!! The building of my new studio was a great adventure to watch unfold. What I have now is an amazing space to paint, showcase my work to clients as well as unwind and soak in the beauty of the afternoon sun. I cannot wait to begin my new painting adventure in this amazing space. I hope you enjoy the photos.

The Making of my Dream Studio.....

"Abstract Owl" Print Giveaway

This is another competition to say thankyou to all my lovely and loyal Facebook fans and followers who have supported me on my creative journey! 

Picasso once stated "The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away".

To enter, simply 'Like' my Facebook page  Rathenart Designs  and leave a comment below saying why you would love to win!!!!!! Share if you wish so your friends and family can enter too!

"Abstract Owl" 2014 is printed on canvas using Epson Archival Inks that are museum quality. Measuring 10 x 12 inches with a 2 cm border for framing. This beautiful print could be yours. 

Winner will be announced on Sunday 9th August at 8pm AEST,  2015.


Rebecca xoxo


Week 24 ~ Another Journey of Creation......

I love sharing my processes of my work from start to finish. I hope you enjoy this documented version of my latest work "Mystic Marble" 2015.

This work was based on photographs from my latest holiday to Central Australia and reinterpreted through my imagination as a mystic discovery.  

"Mystic Marble"

"Mystic Marble"

Work in progress.....

Week 23 ~ From Intuition to Completion

No matter how deep a study you make. What you really have to rely on is your own intuition and when it comes down to it, you really don't know what's going to happen until you do it.

- Konosuke Matsushita

"Abstract Owl No/2"  Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas  2015

"Abstract Owl No/2"

Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas


All art is intuitive to some degree. At the opposite end of the spectrum it can be purely technical. Most artists sit somewhere in the middle. I am about 60/40 in favor of intuition. I love the idea of letting my mind relax and play with materials. However, at the end the technical side comes in and I lose all intuitive processes and work towards resolvement and refinement.

I thought that I would document this process for an artwork "Abstract Owl No/2".

Week 22 ~ Free Colouring In Pages

For the last few years many people have commented on how awesome it would be to colour in one of my designs. So, after months and months of drawing, I am happy to share that today I am launching the first two official colouring pages! These pages are the beginning of a series of collections and I am releasing them today for FREE to say thanks for everybody's support.

"Abstract Owl" and "Abstract Owl Doubled" are yours to own. Just subscribe to my blog or connect with me through email at and I will send you both PDF's that you can print out as many times as you like. They are for personal use only and are A4 in size. 

 What happens when you take an artwork and then decide to break it down into a colouring in image? I superimposed the idea to show you my process.

Remember to email or subscribe to my blog as well as "LIKE" my Facebook page to stay up to date will new works for sale and special giveaways.

Rebecca xoxox

Week 21 ~ Digital Painting.

Great things are done by a series of small things done together.
— Vincent Van Gogh

Have I every told you about digital painting. I love, love, love working digitally as a break away from painting. I love how you are able to take something you created by hand and then with time and experimentation, make another artwork. It's like editioning a print in printmaking.  By keeping the original as a photo, developing a new style to capture a different mood or feeling. Here is "Mother Nature" digitally manipulated.

Week 20 ~ Stages of my Furry Friend.

Hi everyone.

I thought this week I would share the process photos of my newest furry friend. She's playful and fun and has a great imagination. Her name is "Ollie".  I'm loving the raw look on timber.  Hope you enjoy.

Week 19 ~ Free Art Class with Colour In Your Life

Today I thought I would share my free art class as part of the series "Colour In Your Life".

I demonstrate how I create my Art and then use it in my fashion designs.

'Society, conformity, the quest for perfection and beauty are the foundations of my art making practice. These ideas have a direct relevance to my life and provide a reflection of the world around me. In my works, colour can be seen as the symbol of vibration, an intense experience which expands the mind and creates possibilities. I believe that when colour is interpreted in its purest state and is seen as vivid and dramatic, a new creation can be made. As an artist, designer and mother, I am interested in fusing colour, various materials and my ideas together to create an extraordinary world for the viewer to explore. As I continue to develop in my practice, my work continues to draw imagery from the human form, life and experience.'